if it don’t fit- CUT IT OUT!

Someone actually did it. They took the steps and cut all the ish out of the Bible that they didn’t want in there. And in the best interest of capitalism it is available to the public. Introducing the Western Bible, released by the Western Bible Foundation in the Netherlands.

I found this on Pete Rollins blog. As you can imagine this “translation” is causing quite a stir. I thought it is just funny that someone has actually done it. I mean how many preachers have joked saying something like. “Well if you don’t like that part of the bible just cut it out. ” And someone, in this case the Western Bible Foundation in the Netherlands, said “okay, good idea”.

So what did they cut out? They cut out difficult parts surrounding economic justice, possessions and money, ha of course. Their reasoning is along the lines of well, no one actually takes those things seriously, so let’s just take them out. And you know, when it comes to the church in the west, I would have to say they’re right. We don’t take those things seriously, if we did, it would certainly stand out. I know that a lot of people who call themselves Christian are going to be really upset by this bible. The fact is though, many of them have been cutting out those same passages with their lives. Cutting paper is one thing, cutting people is another. Before we judge let us judge our selves and ask if this is only a manifestation of the gospel we have been proclaiming with our lives for years.

Please read Pete’s post here.


  1. #1 by Saara on October 30, 2006 - 1:55 am

    You’re absolutely right about us Christians cutting some parts of the Bible out — a great observation! So why does the new “Bible” still stir up emotions among Christians? I think the main thing that concerns us is that the editors are right, we feel unconfortable, even challenged. “Do I really think God wants me to sell all my belongings and give the money away? Well… yes. Then why don’t I?”

  2. #2 by Maria Toth on November 9, 2006 - 2:21 am

    Yeah.. i saw that had been released!

    God bless
    Maria in the UK

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