Well folks I am off to Cleveland, Ohio for the weekend. Why? It rocks, okay sorry about that, I promised myself I wouldn’t say that, I did, my bad. In reality we are heading out there to visit my large exteneded family, most of whom I haven’t seen in ten years. It is amazing how fast time ticks by. Heidi, my wife hasn’t even met them.

Why else? The main reason is to visit my grandmother who is pretty ill, in every sense of the word, I mean she has cancer and is as cool as an underground hip-hop crew. When I was a child she was perhaps my favorite person, more so even than Spider-man. When I was knocking on heavens door, lying in a hospital bed at three years old, she was there for me. I guess it is only right to follow her example.

  1. Heros Blog Digest - Cleveland!

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