In Finland

I have been in Finland for about two weeks now on vacation. I have been fortunate enough to come here at least once a year for the past five years or so. It is the place where I can relax and since my wife is from here she can connect to her roots.

After visiting friends in Helsinki we spent a good amount of time at her family’s summer cottage in the Finnish Archipelago, in the municipality of Korpo. If you have never visited the Finnish Archipelago you are indeed missing out. The beauty there is remarkable. My first day on the island, I walked into the wood and was almost completely overcome with a sense of enchantment. The place gives relaxation a tangible quality. We fished, we swam, took boat trips, worked on projects around the cabin, roasted and ate sausages and of course spent a fair amount of time in the sauna (a Finnish institution).

After we left the cabin we headed further up north along the coast to visit some friends at their cabin. Yes I make road trips an international affair.

We arrived back in Helsinki yesterday. Today I woke up feeling ill. My symptoms are the same as those related to West Nile Virus, which is good since I thought it could have been bird flu. Apparently though West Nile hasn’t reached Finland, so I must have some weird cold. I have spent the whole of the day inside partaking in Americas largest export, bad television. Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow as Helsinki is a beautiful city with a lot to offer, such as the band Lordi.

for more on FinlandĀ  visit Virtual Finland

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