citywide hide and seek

Wouldn’t it be fun? I had this idea while I was hiding out in the suburbs today. A friend called me and apologized for bugging me at work (thanks Forrest). I told him that I was actually hiding out in the suburbs, to which he promptly responded, “I’m going come find you, I’m gonna hunt you down.” What a great idea I thought, a game of citywide hide and seek. Surely someone else has had to have played this before, so I googled it, Here are some of the results…

The game would be played in teams of hiders and seekers. We use cars, but must stay in public places, so you can’t just drive around all day we would put a limit to how long you can drive around before going to a public place where you must remain for 30 minutes or so. After you leave you must tell the seekers where you just were, and possibly give a hint to where you are going, say in the form of a riddle. We’d use cell phone to tag people we catch. We could even play the game downtown and on foot for some smaller scale practice… huh whadda you think, wanna play…

  1. #1 by tom on June 28, 2006 - 1:44 am

    We used to play “CB tag” all the time in college. Pretty much the same as what you are talking about. Good times. Gas wasn’t as expensive at that time, though.

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