hiding in the suburbs

I have sent much of today hiding out in the suburbs watching a U2 video (Live in Chicago on the Vertigo Tour). I have a friend who once said that watching U2 is like going to church. Those of you who know me, know that I have a problem with the phrase “going to church.” So I will just say that today has been like a monastic retreat. U2 really is U2 when you watch them live. I must confess that in my minds eye I flashed back to the most excellent movie of Bill and Ted’s excellent adventure. Perhaps U2 really is the band, that has a shot at changing the world, they’re sure working for something like it.


**** The phrase going to church is as ridiculous as my arm or foot saying that they are going to me. They are a part of me, they don’t come and go. They are a part of me. Same with the church, we are the church, there is no coming and going.



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