So a friend of mine posted an entry on his blog called the gospel in tights (check it out). He is of course referring to superman, (of course). The idea is that maybe we as humans are all connected to some larger story,-a meta-narrative, if you will. The idea that in our stories, we are constantly expressing, at least in part, this one story that we are all connected to. More than being connected to, I might suggest that we are in. Think about it, all the great stories seem to deal with such universal themes, things like, good and evil, failure and redemption, hope and purpose. Have you ever stopped to ask why these things might be so important to us as people? Why they are, so, human? Could it be that we really are a whole lot more connected than we think we are? Could it be that that which bonds us, is a lot bigger than that which separates? Perhaps it is that we are all created equal and yearn to know what it means to be fully human. And that we are a part of a story that matters. That everything around us, and in us, and all over us tells the story?

Or maybe we just like to see flying men in tights?

What do you think?

  1. #1 by kushibo on August 16, 2006 - 3:44 am


    I am Nora. I admit it.

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