bookTheoretical Physicists Michio Kaku said something to the effect that if all the world were to live by the American standard of life, it would be a matter of years before we utterly consumed all of the earths resources. America, something like 2% of the worlds population consumes something like 50% of its resources. Some say twenty billion dollars would alleviate the extreme poverty that 1.2 billion people live in ( extreme poverty = less than $1 a day). Twenty billion dollars is about how much America and Europe spent on ice cream last year.

What to do about it? Perhaps the answer is found in a whole new way of life. Downward mobility, sharing the blessing that we have been given with our fellow humans, believing that the they really are created equal. Putting a face to statistics and seeking first the government of God and His Justice..

Shane Claiborne's recent book has been a reassurance, a confirmation if you will, that something can be done and that it starts with me…and you…and how we live today… pick it, up, it's an easy read. Be warned though, it may change your life, and consequently we may change the world.

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