arg says the pirate

So, I'm still breathing air, for the most part. I have recently returned from a road trip in the great southwest of the USA. My travel companions and I hit Vegas(the fakest city I have ever visited), San Francisco, LA, San Diego and finally back home in 7 days, by car. The trip was fun, exhausting, fun, annoying and fun. We put something like 3000 miles on the car we rented(the car in itself is a story that I have told to some of you already)…Anyway the trip made me wonder, more than once, would Jesus have me punch someone out to help them learn others centered living? I decided not, but I really wondered for a bit. he, he, he…

the brief rundown- 

Vegas is a farce, like much of the world system and its consumerism that is so consistently forced upon us.

SF– i wish i would have had more time there

LA– traffic, traffic, traffic

SD– yes, oh thank God we made it, oh no do we have to leave already?

Death VALLEY looks like the moon,only with 109 degree F temps.

Yosemite- was snowed in. This caused us a four hour drive out of our way in order to find a cross-able mountain pass.

and I have many thoughts and stories to tell, for another time…

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