Science- Anti God?

mind of GodFor too long it has seemed among some of those who dot the religious landscape of America that Science was somehow the enemy of faith. It appeared that "fact" became the opposite of belief, unless it somehow backed presuppositions…

Science was about proof, and faith was about belief, at times in the unbelievable, even contrary to the evidence.

No more! Those who follow the world of theoretical physics, cosmology, and quantum sciences already know what I'm getting at. Theoretical physicists such as Michio Kaku are now dedicating themselves to understanding what they call the “mind of God”. This, they say is something like a song, a melody playing throughout the "multiverese", the universe is aparently to small these days! We are on the cusp of a new scientific revolution akin to the Copernican revolution in its magnitude with tremendous theological implications.

My take is that those most dedicated to the search for God, (the people of faith) should lead the way in putting language and heart to what science is just now discovering, and what we perhaps have felt all along.

"She was like the sweetest of songs,


I didn't know the words at first so I just hummed along" –Nawbaw

You can catch a video of Dr. Kaku talking about all this and more courtesy the BBC.


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    Hey Nawbaw change the theme to something like Simpla. This doesn’t suit the content of your blog.

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