stillnessSo I confess to blogypocrisy, that’s when you give your friends a hard time for not posting and then you go and… well truth is I have been sick and busy this last week. It’s been one of those “I feel so lethargic sicknesses.” So besides skipping out of work to not really rest I haven’t been up too much but the usual for the last few days. Perplexed? Me too.

Anyway yesterday in the midst of a super long 15 hour day which ended up with a skin flushing, shivering in your blankets fever, I had a profound experience. There were five of us friends who decided to engage in the ancient spiritual tradition of eating together in spite of the national festival taking place otherwise known as the Superbowl. So after shoving fried chicken and macaroni down our throats we decided to sit in silence and then pray. We talked about centering, calming our hectic minds to focus on listening to God. Then we simply sat in silence for about 30 minutes. I vocalized three prayers that came to my mind, another friend gave voice to at least one. Afterward we shared about how refreshing the experience was. How hard it is to make time to simply sit in silence and focus on the ever-presentness of God. We disscussed how intentional we had to be in focusing and not thinking about stuff we have going on, balancing our checkbooks, or singing songs in our minds. However hard it seemed, once we became intentional it was the kind of experience that you didn’t want to end. We wondered at the junk we carry around each day (stress?) and bring into our relationships, our work, our play, and what it does to our bodies. We asked ourselves how important our “personal” wholeness might be to one another. Maybe my health whether it be spiritual, physical, or emotional might just effect you. Maybe I have a responsibility to make sure I am whole, fully present and aware of God’s ever-presentness, not for my sake only, but for the sake of those around me.
Jesus often withdrew to a solitary place to pray.

maybe there’s something to that. I know that those thirty minutes seemed to be the most valuable and refreshing of my entire week.

  1. #1 by teen on February 8, 2006 - 3:14 pm

    Amazingly cool post.

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