Wow. I just listened to a talk called revolutionaries on my ipod which I downloaded from the house to house website. This talk, aptly tilled revolutionaries comes from Barna’s new book Revolution. It, to say the least really resonated with me. This is nice as it seems for so long I have fell under the Elijah spell of thinking I was the only one feeling like God was about something rather peculiar to the traditional church background I had grown up in. This kinda confirming feeling has been happening more and more lately. I remember watching a NOOMA video titled Sunday by Rob Bell about what it means to be Church. As we watched my wife looked at me astonished and said, “Is this for real? This guy is saying what you have been saying for years!” It is a good feeling to know that one is not alone and that one is not crazy. Or at least if one is crazy at least one is not alone in his or her insanity. Anyway this talk produced the same feeling and confirmed a lot of what I have been seeing in my own ministry and the network of house churches that I have been lucky enough to be a part of pioneering. The talk confirmed a lot, and best of all it did it in language that I could use to possibly communicate this sneaking suspicion with the moderns out there that speak in the language of numbers, flow charts and statistics. I recommend giving it a listen. If you can do it on the song setting of your Ipod you may just wind up getting a nice rock song at the talks conclusion like I did.


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