and so am I…

Okay so a friend of mine from up north, way up north, like almost the top of the world literally, suggested I start a blog. He actually said that something I had written on a website that I have since stopped updating had encouraged him. Hmm, didn’t expect that. Now, another friend, from the same country, actually the business partner of this first mentioned also started blogging and suggested I do the same. I was hesitant at first as this second mentioned friend is the same guy that talked me into a naked snowball fight and rolling in snow, naked after sauna. Yes, these friends are Finns as in from Finland. Who else would talk a “friend” into a naked snowball fight?

So thus begins the blog…

  1. #1 by teen on January 27, 2006 - 7:34 am

    have a nice start. but check out my blog.

  1. Anonymous

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